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Clone Swiss Movement Replica Watches



Our Ultra Durable In-House Clone Swiss Movements are made with a genuine movement as sample completely disassembled and then all parts cloned  using the most advanced CAD/CAM, modular molds and CNC Laser Machines. In order for Swisstime to move forward and create a new generation of Clone watches finding a higher quality movement would be the number one priority since it is the most important component of any watch. From research to development our trained Swiss watch makers assisted us in the latest modifications and improvements which enabled us secure COSC certified movements which make up only 3% of the world's automatic movements.

The COSC (Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres standard) certification is the industry standard for highest quality undergoing the strictest testing conditions. Your Cloned Watch will contain a MODIFIED ORIS SA Switzerland In-house clone movement and more importantly within COSC range of -3 to +5 seconds per day. The entire movement is Swiss made and also carries the same look as an original movement so you get the quality and trust that a Swiss engine brings. For our modified In-House movements we use only genuine Swiss ORIS calibers and for special parts (gears, cams etc.) we use genuine Swiss ORIS or ETA, that they are 100% identical to the genuine movement. They are 100% same as original and you can install them inside a genuine case, install a genuine dial and hands on them.


Our Ultra Durable In House Clone Swiss movements are designed with improved key point parts like wider wheel teeth for heavy, long lasting use and lubed with 5 different types of durable Swiss lubricants. This results to a movement with typical service needs every 5 years instead of 2 that the genuine movements require. Also they are calibrated up to +5 secs per day within the COSC standards. All Clone movements feature Shock Resistant Movement Holder. In some models which Swiss ETA is used in the original we use exactly the same movement. As of this writing, our CLONED models are supplied with Ultra Durable In-house Clone Swiss movements. For Rolex we have these Clone calibers :

Ultra Durable Rolex Clone Movement Swiss Oris Base Movement
 Rolex Clone 3136 - 3156
for Datejust II and Daydate II
Power Reserve: 38 hrs

Swis Oris 635
Rolex Clone 3135
for Submariner and Sea Dweller
 Power Reserve: 38 hrs

Swiss Oris 635
Rolex Clone 3186 for GMT Master
and Rolex 3187 for Explorer II
 Power Reserve: 42 hrs

Swiss Oris 668
Rolex Clone 3131
 for Milgauss and Explorer
Power Reserve: 38 hrs
Swiss Oris 633

Genuine Swiss made Valjoux 7750
for Daytona Chronograph
Power Reserve: 42 hrs

Swiss Oris 674
Base Valjoux 7750

Rolex Clone 3130
for Submariner No-Date
Power Reserve: 42 hrs


Swiss Oris 635

Unlike Rolex most other Swiss watch manufacturers such as IWC, Vacheron, Omega, Hublot, Panerai, outsource their movements from ETA therefore many non Rolex brand Clones will contain the identical movement found in the genuine timepiece. This is so convincing that even if a jeweler was to open up the watch he would have a difficult time ascertaining its authenticity.
Movements such as Valjoux 7750, Lemania 861, Poljot 3133, Unitas 6497, ETA 2824-2 are all engines used in current famous brand watches that can also be found in our Swiss Clone Watches. These are a few of the many reasons why Swisstime  Clones are the only watches that can proudly stand side by side with any fine Swiss Timepiece.

Most manufacturers use the ubiquitous ETA brand of movements.  They are used because they are relatively inexpensive and have been proven to be relative reliable and provide a good imitation of branded watch movements. This is because ETA provides the movements for many of the current watch manufacturers in OEM form.  These movements may later be tweaked or modified, but in reality they perform almost identically to their base model’s statistics. Breitling is a good example of a manufacturer that relies on ETA for movements.


Several of Breitling’s models use a modified ETA movement in their design.  This movement is tuned by replacing some parts with higher performance pieces, or improving the finish and tolerances of the movement.  Still, at the heart of the watch beats an ETA movement.


These are world renowned movements that are used in genuine Panerai, Hublot, AP and even Rolex watches. Alot  Swiss watch manufacturers use Swiss ETA movements so we use exactly the same movement. Without a doubt these are simply the finest Clone watches available anywhere and even comparable to other fine original watches.

These prestige Ultra Durable In-House Clone Swiss calibers are the most durable and reliable working horses. The movements maintain good time accuracy, from -4/+6 to -3/+5 seconds per day, within  COSC certification limits.They require minimal maintenance with longer time in service needs due to improved durable moving parts and durable lubricants used. For lubrication a device automates the application of the various lubricant types in the movements. Placement and quantity of the lubrication is laser-accurate. It is the best choice even for military grade watches.